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Keeping your CHIA credentials

Your valuable CHIA credentialling is renewed every three years. All the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities you undertake count towards maintaining your certification and increase your digital health knowledge.

As a CHIA, your accredited learning and development activities are recorded to demonstrate your ongoing digital health competence.

At least half of your accreditation points may be obtained through the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, however a number of other organisations also offer accredited events and activities.

Continue your professional development as a CHIA and be assured of digital health career success.

Want to earn CPD points at an upcoming event?

Renewing Your CHIA Certification

To maintain and be eligible to renew your CHIA credential, you must:

  1. Earn 60 CPD points during your three-year recertification cycle by participating in professional education activities.
    Endorsed educational events can be viewed here.
  2. Maintain a record of your CPD activity and points.
  3. Report your CPD points to the CHIA Program Officer (by sending your CPD journal to [email protected]) and ensure your recertification fee is paid before your expiration date. You can pay your recertification fee here.

Renewal of your certification will be granted upon confirmation that you have completed the required CPD by the end of your recertification cycle accompanied by payment of your renewal fee. Without recertification, you will not be able to continue to use your CHIA credential after your expiration date. The exact date you are required to do this by will be communicated directly to you by the CHIA Program Officer.

Diagram 1: The Renewal Process
CHIA Renewal Process Steps

CHIA Renewal Process Steps

Qualifying CPD Activities and Points

To remain certified and to continue to use the CHIA post nominals, you are required to obtain 60 CPD points during your 3-year recertification cycle. There are 8 categories of CPD activities which CPD points can be earned:

  • Category 1: CPD Points through event participation
  • Category 2: Academic and Vocational Education
  • Category 3: Presentations
  • Category 4: Publication and/or Research
  • Category 5: Professional Service
  • Category 6: CHIA Examination Question Writing
  • Category 7: Reviewing Publications
  • Category 8: Reading of Articles and Journals

Of the 60 CPD points that must be earned within the recertification cycle, a minimum of 50% of CPD points must be earned through AIDH* or HIMAA activities.

*HISA and ACHI events prior to 24 February 2020 will be counted as AIDH activities.

Calculation of CPD points (for event attendance) is based upon clock hours, with one (1) CPD point awarded for each 60 minutes of participation. Further clarification of of the number of points earned for other activities can be found in the Recertification Guide.

Activities must demonstrate a process of improving and increasing capabilities, educate the candidate by providing a learning platform to improve their knowledge and/or skills. Activities relating to within the normal parameters of an individual’s position description or business responsibilities cannot be claimed.

Recording and Reporting CPD Activities

Recording Your CPD Points
CHIAs must keep their own records of CPD activities and points using the journal downloaded from here ➥. A copy of this must be submitted as evidence of having undertaken the requisite amount of relevant CPD activity. Further documentation may be requested to validate the journal entries if required.

Reporting Your CPD Points
To renew your certification, you must report your CPD points and pay the recertification fee online. You can pay your recertification fee here. You will be sent a reminder 12 months, 6 months and 1 month prior to expiry of your certification.

Recertification Fee:
AIDH Member Fee – $175**
Non-Member Fee – $250
**Applicable Membership categories: FAIDH, AFAIDH, Individual, Retired, Organisational and Honorary

Reinstatement of Credential
Individuals whose credential has been revoked or expired may only be reinstated through re-taking and passing the CHIA examination.
Please contact us by emailing [email protected] if you would like to re-sit the CHIA Examination.

A percentage of recertification applications will be randomly selected for audit. If you are selected for audit you will be required to provide your detailed portfolio of evidence of all CPD activity reported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I keep my CHIA current?

You’ve done the hard yards by studying for and successfully passing the CHIA exam. Don’t let your success be short-lived. Continuing professional development is important because it assures you continue to be competent as a health informatician and especially given the rapid pace of change of technology and digital health innovation. Maintaining your CHIA credential delivers a bundle of benefits:

  • Return on investment from the high value of being a CHIA
  • Professional prestige that helps you remain competitive in a tough job market
  • Demonstration of your ongoing commitment and competence in health informatics
  • Growth and support of CHIA by individuals benefits the profession and industry as a whole through recognition of the health informatics profession
  • Networking opportunities with your peers who share your level of expertise

Plus, without recertification you must cease to use your CHIA credential after your expiration date. As long as you don’t let your credential lapse, you will avoid needing to re-sit the CHIA exam. Failure to renew by your expiration date will require re-sitting the CHIA exam to re-instate your CHIA credential.

How can I earn CPD points?

AIDH and HIMAA offer many opportunities to earn CPD points through conferences, meetings, events, webinars and other activities that qualify for CPD points. Look for the CHIA CPD logo on the relevant schedule of events.

Can I use CPD points earned through organisations other than AIDH?

Yes. The CHIA Exam Committee will accept CPD points earned through other organisations provided they are valid CPD activities and are relevant to health informatics.

How can I find out how many CPD points I have earned so far?

Individuals must track their own CPD points earned during a CPD cycle. CHIA does not track your participation in professional development activities.

When do I renew?

Your CHIA credential must be renewed every three years. The CHIA Program Officer will contact you to request your confirmation of completion of the necessary CPD points and payment of renewal fees. We will send you reminders at 12, 6 and 1 months prior to expiration of your certification.

What should I do with my CPD documentation?

You are NOT required to submit your full CPD documentation at the time of renewal. You are required to submit your CPD journal only and your accompanying fee.

However, you must save your CPD records and associated evidence documentation in a safe place in the event you are contacted for an audit.

Do CPD points carry over from one triennium to another?

No. You can only claim CPD points earned during your current 3-year recertification cycle.

What if I do not have enough CPD points to renew and maintain my certification?

If you do not have the required CPD points by the end of your CPD period, your certification will be revoked. Once your certification is revoked, you are no longer certified and your certification can only be reinstated by re-taking and passing the CHIA exam. The CHIA Exam Committee provides the opportunity to request an extension or waiver in extenuating circumstances.

What happens if I do not renew on time?

If you fail to renew on time, your certification will be revoked. Once your certification is revoked, you are no longer certified and your certification can only be reinstated by re-taking and passing the CHIA exam.

What happens if I’m audited?

In order to ensure high standards of competency and continuing professional development, CHIA will conduct random audits. If audited, you will be required to provide documented proof of all CPD activity within thirty (30) days of notification. If you are unable to provide documented proof within thirty (30) days, your certification will be considered revoked.

If all documents are complete and the appropriate number of CPD points is accounted, you will be notified that your recertification is valid and will be issued an updated certificate within two (2) weeks of your notification of validity. If it is determined that some CPD points are not applicable, the CHIA Exam Committee may allow additional time for you to submit or earn additional replacement CPD points.

Is there a cost to retain my certification?

Yes, if you have achieved the 60 CPD points within your recertification cycle, the renewal fees will be invoiced to CHIAs and must be paid within the due date specified to avoid lapsed certification.
Fees are:
AIDH Member Fee : $175
Non-Member Fee: $250

What are some examples of how I can earn CHIA recertification points by CPD activity?
  • Example one
    CPD Category: [1] Event Participation
    Provider/Source: HISA (AIDH)
    Activity Description: Australian Telehealth Conference 2019 – attended both days
    Points: 12
  • Example two
    CPD Category: [3] Presentations
    Provider/Source: HIMAA
    Activity Description: HIMAA Conference – Guest speaker on information management in aged care provision (60 minutes)
    Points: 4
  • Example three
    CPD Category: [2] Academic and Vocational Education
    Provider/Source: SNOMED CT
    Activity Description: SNOMED CT Foundation online course
    Points: 11
  • Example four
    CPD Category: [1] Event Participation
    Provider/Source: AIDH
    Activity Description: Webinar – Digital Health Live – Living and learning during a pandemic (1hour)
    Points: 1
What are some examples of evidence I should retain?
Evidence Example/Source
Proof of attendance at a conference
  • An official confirmation of registration
  • Copy of a completed attendance register
  • Certificate of attendance
Delivered a presentation
  • An official program or agenda
  • URL to conference proceedings