More than 100 Queensland Health staff could be the newest certified health informaticians after they enrolled in the Institute’s accreditation program this month.

eHealth Queensland has continued to invest in staff professional development by recognising their digital health knowledge through the CHIA certification program. Since the first funded group of 100 participants in 2017, there has been a steady growth in the number of enrolments, reaching 450 participants at the end of 2020 and another 100+ participants enrolling in the program last month.

CHIA was developed as a recognition of an individual’s digital health knowledge across all areas of healthcare delivery. It has grown considerably over the past few years and is undertaken by a broad range of healthcare professionals for their own career development and to advance the health informatics profession. There are 1,128 certified CHIAs all over the world today.

Thanks to the support from eHealth Queensland, the State has seen the most growth in recent years with 46% of all CHIAs currently based in Queensland. While a majority (55%) of Queensland Health’s CHIA participants identify themselves as medical/clinical professionals, the group also includes other job roles such as Business Analysts, Health Information Managers, Program/Project Managers and Department Managers.

CHIA offers a great way for individuals to demonstrate their broad knowledge of health informatics principles, concepts and methods and for organisations to invest in their employee’s growth and development. For a tailored CHIA program to suit your organisation’s requirements, get in touch with us.