Queensland Health digital health leaders and experts were congratulated at a special graduation ceremony for health informaticians this week.

HISA and eHealth Queensland congratulated the newly certified group at a celebration on Wednesday 22 November.

“eHealth QLD want to acknowledge and congratulate you all for your CHIA status. From an eHealth QLD point of view, we absolutely recognise the value of health informatics in care delivery,” said Cathy Ford, Chief Digital Officer, eHealth QLD who presented the certificates and lapels to the graduates along with Greg Moran, Innovation and Business Development, HISA.

She advised graduates “to encourage your peers so that we can get a really great basis of digital health literacy across Queensland Health because that will translate into great patient outcomes”. She said: “I suspect we will see exponential growth and interest in this field in the next 12 months. We understand how important health informatics is to the future of digital health and digital health transformation.”

eHealth Queensland supported the certification of up to 100 health professionals this year which will substantially add to digital health workforce capacity building in the State.

HISA’s Greg Moran thanked eHealth QLD and the senior management and leadership team for formalising the program and providing the opportunity to undertake certification across the whole organisation. “We have worked with other organisations but particularly around the IT staff and people working in clinical programs within the IT division, and this is the first time CHIA has gone across regional areas and formal areas within a larger organisation!”

Cathy Ford said: “I think it is absolutely great to see a mix of clinicians and technologists. And one of the things I personally want to see in more of eHealth QLD initiatives is clinicians and technologists brought together at the table and when we can do that we will really advance digital health”.

CHIA is delivered by HISA, the Health Informatics Society of Australia, in partnership with the Australasian College of Health Informatics (ACHI) and the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA). If your organisation is interested in finding out more please contact Greg Moran at HISA.