E-health certification could be a beacon for excellence at Cerner, says General Manager Victoria Tony Hennessy. One of the first Certified Health Informaticians in Australia, Tony says he was so impressed with the experience he wants to make it achievable for more of Cerner’s experienced clinical and technical staff.

“We believe that the CHIA certification will complement the expertise that our Cerner associates have already accumulated from working in the health sector. It is a formal recognition of their existing knowledge and understanding of the e-health landscape,” Tony said. “This is a tough exam covering wide domains of knowledge and it requires preparation.”

He said:
“I think CHIA will be extremely important for building e-health workforce capacity in Australia. If I was interviewing and the candidate was CHIA-certified it would improve my confidence they had a good broad understanding of all the jigsaw pieces in e-health.”

Members and non-members are invited to register online for certification and get started today.
Tony Hennessy

Tony’s exam tips:

  • Be focused and time-manage yourself
  • Prepare wisely – use the study materials provided
  • Choose your exam time wisely ( I did mine in a holiday break)