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Preparing for the examination

The content of the examination is based on Australia’s health informatics competency framework, comprising of 52 competencies within 6 domains of expertise.

Upon successful registration, candidates have access to:

  • The CHIA Examination Study Guide – provides a list of reading resources that address each tested competency. Candidates are advised to prepare for the CHIA examination by reviewing the references listed in the Study Guide in conjunction with the competencies.
  • The CHIA Candidate Instruction Handbook – provides further details to candidates on everything they need to know about preparing for the CHIA Examination.

While it is not mandatory, many candidates choose to purchase the CHIA Practitioner’s Guide to aid in their study.

With many candidates also choosing to purchase the CHIA Challenge, a 32 question practice examination, to aid in their preparation and understanding of how the questions are written.

Some tips and advice we can give candidates:

  • As health informatics is a broad field, candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and have various strengths in their health informatics knowledge. Candidates may need to study more in one competency domain than another.
  • If a candidate does not pass, they are able to take the examination a second time within the original 90-day period.
  • The examination is delivered online, candidates will be notified of their result immediately following completion, including the scores achieved in each of the 52 competencies. This information can be used to help focus study efforts for the second sitting of the examination, if needed.
  • Candidates are recommended to use the demo examination to test their network and internet connection, prior to starting the examination.
  • It is recommended that candidates do not use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) during their examination as it may cause network connection issues.

A sample study plan has been created to provide an example on how to organise the study time over the 90 day period.
The sample study plans have been designed for candidates who may utilise the 90 days in its entirety, with the examination being undertaken 2 weeks prior to the final date, allowing time for a second attempt if needed.

Don’t underestimate the breadth of knowledge you need to successfully pass the examination. Study, study, study!

CHIA Alumni