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Prepare for the examination

“Don’t underestimate the breadth of knowledge you need to successfully pass the examination. Study, study, study!” – CHIA Alumni

Included resources

The CHIA examination tests whether you have the knowledge identified in the Australian Health Informatics Competency Framework to perform as a health informatics professional, comprising of 53 competencies within 6 domains of expertise.

Once you register, you get:

  • The CHIA Examination Study Guide – a list of reading resources that address each tested competency
  • The CHIA Candidate Instruction Handbook – a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know about taking the examination

CHIA is a professional certification program, it is not a training program.

Optional resources

CHIA Challenge and full Study Guide – a 32 question practice examination to familiarise yourself with the question format

A Practitioner’s Guide – a companion guide (PDF publication) covering the same competency framework as the examination

Examination tips

  • If you do not pass the examination in your first attempt, you can take it a second time within the original 90-day period
  • The examination is delivered online and you’ll get your results immediately upon completion. Your scores can help identify the areas to focus on before the second attempt
  • Before you start, use the demo examination to test your network and internet connection
  • Study, study, study!

Sample study plan

Organise your study time over the 90-day period with this CHIA sample study plan.

The examination has been timed at 2 weeks prior to the final date, allowing time for a second attempt if needed.

CHIA is delivered to you by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), a peak body for digital health representing a united and influential single voice for health informatics and digital health leaders and practitioners.