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Plan my CPD

Congratulations on passing the CHIA Examination!

Congratulations on passing the CHIA Examination! Now that you are a CHIA professional, it’s time to start planning your ongoing CPD and recertification. To get you started, there are a number of examples below on how you can plan your first year of CPD.

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Examples of CPD

Here are some examples of how you can earn CPD across the different recertification categories.

1 Attending a full day workshop, conference or training 6
2 Completing a 10-hour health informatics university microcredential Completing a 10-hour health informatics university microcredential 15
3 Presenting a 1-hour educational session at your work 4
4 Writing and publishing a 600+ word article in an industry publication 0.5
5 Contributing as a volunteer on an international health informatics working group for one year 5
6 Writing a CHIA question as part of the Exam Development Advisory Committee 2
7 Reviewing a Doctoral thesis 3
8 Reading of 4 journal articles in a health informatics journal 1

Ready to get started?

Head over to the following page to download your CHIA Recertification and CPD Guide and CHIA CPD Journal.