We recently reached an amazing milestone in CHIA history, the 2000th CHIA! Each time an individual passes the CHIA examination for the first time, they are allocated a unique number that is their CHIA number from that point on.

We spoke to Rachael Sampson who was the 2000th person to pass the CHIA examination and here’s what she shared with us.

I am excited to join a community of like minded professionals, and for the doors this may open. Becoming a CHIA enables me to stay at the forefront of a rapidly changing field.

Rachael Sampson CHIA

Rachael Sampson CHIA

Application Analyst, SA Health

1. How did you get interested in IT/health informatics/digital health?

I started my career as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit when electronic medical record (EMR) systems were first being introduced in hospitals. After working across interstate and local hospitals, I began to notice the positive impact a well designed EMR made to a nurse’s day to day experience.

This sparked my interest in user experience and design of electronic medical records.

After completing post graduate study in Data Science, I landed a role as an Application Analyst with SA Health where I have the opportunity to work with others to improve the user experience for clinicians using SA Health’s EMR system.

2. What motivated you to undertake CHIA examination?

I initially learnt about the CHIA examination a few years ago when I was working as a database manager. I was lucky enough to have the support from my current manager to undertake the examination this year.

I saw it as an opportunity to consolidate and expand on my knowledge I had gained in digital health throughout my career.