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What does it mean to be a CHIA?

The knowledge that I have gained from the CHIA Program – health informatics, analytics and frameworks has been extensive and rewarding. It has given me a greater understanding and excitement to put into practice, my relevant knowledge, skills and expertise for evidence-based, best-practice patient care, clinical design outcomes, models, and systems – and to build digital health technology, innovation, and sustainability. I have discovered all this, and health data interoperability is important to providing dedicated healthcare, clinical decision-making, evidence-based clinical research and practice.

Participating in the Program allowed me to connect with content experts that complimented my study of the CHIA Program Guidelines. And since completing the exam, I have joined AIDH – which has opened many doors for collaboration, network, knowledge, and experience.

Lisa Head CHIA

Lisa Head CHIA

Senior Project, Officer Genomic Institute, Metro North Hospital and Health Service