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What does it mean to be a CHIA?

“I’m honoured to join this elite group of professionals with outstanding knowledge in health informatics and digital health in Australasia. As a physician, I realised that the future of health care is not limited to knowledge in health and biomedical sciences alone. I commenced down this path in 2017 with my Masters and am now very excited to receive a formal recognition of my skills and knowledge in health informatics.

Preparing for CHIA was an opportunity for me to acquire new knowledge which is very relevant in the current context while simultaneously updating some existing information. I believe health informatics as an industry has a lot more to offer and the future is definitely looking very exciting as we emerge out of the ‘Information Era’ and transition into the ‘Age of Reckoning’ and digital health. Big shout out to AIDH for helping Australia build a capable workforce through this certification program.”

Dr Joe Vincent CHIA

Dr Joe Vincent CHIA

Clinical Documentation Specialist, Gold Coast University Hospital