What does it mean to be a CHIA?

“CHIA provides a globally relevant and independently recognised measurement of my knowledge, skills, and expertise in health informatics. It gives me credibility and confidence with my patients, peers and employers and is a testament to my commitment to deliver high quality, up-to-date health informatics in a broad range of settings. Working at the intersection between patient safety, quality improvement and information systems management, I am committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for all patients.

I found undertaking the CHIA program helped me reflect on the 52 competency areas, solidifying those I already possessed, whilst developing those areas of knowledge that were not as strong. It recognises my capability to drive improvements in patient care through the translation of data into information, thereby assisting frontline staff, and the healthcare system, to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care.

Ultimately this is my reason for all that I do, and why I committed to the opportunity offered and achieved by becoming a CHIA.”

Claire Kelly CHIA

Claire Kelly CHIA

Clinical Audit Coordinator, Clinical Governance Unit, Queensland Health