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What does it mean to be a CHIA?

“Obtaining CHIA was fundamental following relocation from the UK and to support my understanding of a new healthcare system. The CPD requirement also ensures that I am always looking for opportunities to keep my knowledge up to date and of course, network with other health informaticians!”

After moving from Wales in the United Kingdom to Australia just over three years ago, with a pharmaceutical background paired with a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics, Catherine Phibben said while it was a great foundation for her career in Australia, it did not offer a way to transfer her UK knowledge across to the Australian digital healthcare landscape. At one of the Institute’s State Branch events, Cath was able to connect with other CHIAs who shared their experience, the breadth of knowledge, and what the certification program could do for her. Believing this was the bridge she needed, Cath enrolled in the CHIA program; reviewed the materials, sat her exam within the 90-days and passed.

Catherine Phibben CHIA

Catherine Phibben CHIA

Partnership Specialist, Best Practice Software