Mater Health continues to invest in staff professional development through the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) program, with their most recent funded cohort commencing at the start of October 2022. This recent group could be the newest addition to join the many CHIA Alumni already working for Mater in the next 60 days, adding to the 738 CHIAs based in Queensland out of the 1,685 CHIAs around the world.

The second Mater cohort (as pictured) graduated earlier this year in July 2022. This group included a mix of job roles within Mater, such as business analysts, project managers, and health informatics specialists.

CHIA is credentialing program originally developed in 2013, as independent recognition of an individual’s digital health knowledge across all areas of digital health ecosystem. It has grown considerably over the years and is undertaken by a broad range of healthcare professionals for their own career development and to advance the health informatics profession.

Is CHIA right for me?