Leadership & Governance

CHIA Board

The CHIA Partnership Board (CPB) is the overall governance body comprised of HISA, ACHI and HIMAA. Provides the oversight function for running the CHIA program. Responsible for matters such as formal partnership agreements, strategic direction, certification quality standards and program viability. All 3 organisations have an equal number of votes and a quorum of 1 person from each organisation is required. Financial responsibility for the program lies with HISA Board.

The CHIA Board is made up of:

Mark Brommeyer
HISA (CHIA Board Chair)

Vicki Bennett

A/Prof Terry Hannan

Travis Ingram

Angela Ryan

Prof Trish Williams

Examination Committee

The Examination Committee (EC) is responsible for the overall content, deliverables, defensibility, integrity, quality and credibility of the CHIA examination and its associated product lines. The composition of the EC is based on required expertise rather than representation. The EC is responsible for designing the overall examination structure and content, identifying the best and most definitive reference sources, ensuring the rigour and validation of CHIA assessment processes and outcomes, and approving examination materials.

The membership of the EC includes reputable experts from a broad spectrum of the health informatics sector organisations so that there is an agreed overall accountability for the CHIA across the Australian health informatics sector.

The EC also:

  • Agrees on the CHIA Competencies Framework for the purpose of structuring the overall examination process;
  • Participates with the CHIA Partners body to establish the standards for the examination, including approval of the pass mark for the examination;
  • Advises on key policy issues in connection with the examination process;
  • Resolves issues/problems and contributes to the development of examination materials;
  • Review question outcomes to identify potential areas for improvement;
  • Expedite candidate appeals and complaints;
  • Reports to the CHIA Partners governing body.

Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay
CHIA Exam Committee Chair

Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson
Vice Chair

A/Prof Mike Bainbridge

Nigel Chartres

A/Prof Kathleen Gray

Michael Hosking

Ralph La Tella

Robin Mann

Dr Mark Merolli

David O’Driscoll

Joy Smith

CHIA Program Governance Model

A further two entities (under establishment) include:

  • An Examination Development Advisory group (EDAG) of the Examination Committee. Consists of assessment content providers and contributors drawn from various areas of expertise, including assessment.
  • A Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) of the governance body consisting of stakeholders whose input is essential to the success of the CHIA program in areas such as required competencies, workforce needs, legislation and regulation, industrial issues and related professions.