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Why become a CHIA?

To illustrate your commitment to your own professional development and to advancing the health informatics profession

Health informatics is fundamental to the delivery of healthcare. The need for skilled health informaticians will only grow as the volume of health information grows, along with our reliance on digital systems for managing, storing and using health data.

Health informaticians have requisite knowledge across six connected yet unique domains. They work at the intersection of healthcare and information technology, across a vast range of delivery models and settings.

CHIA indicates to employers and funders that you have core, up-to-date knowledge of health informatics.

Importance of CHIA

  • Builds patient, public and employer confidence in successful candidate’s knowledge base
  • Distinguishes successful candidates as a credentialed professional
  • Provides independent measurement and validation of health informatics knowledge and abilities
  • Demonstrates commitment to profession
  • Increases the profile of the health informatics profession
  • Helps shape career paths for students and newcomers to the health informatics profession
  • Professional certification advances the profession giving greater visibility, recognition and credibility to what it is you do
  • Clarity Greater clarity as to the competencies required in health informatics and the means of assessing them
  • Consistency A consistent basis on which to develop and deliver health informatics education and training
  • Demonstrability A clear basis upon which to demonstrate competency
  • Contribution To enhanced working conditions, professional development and better remuneration

to the delivery
of healthcare

Requisite knowledge
across six connected yet unique domains

have core, up-to-date knowledge

Lead the way
with industry credibility and professionalism

Benefits for indviduals


The right to use the CHIA post-nominals. These can be used in your signature and be promoted through your business cards and other professional communications.

Demonstration of your knowledge

CHIAs have demonstrated knowledge of and/or the ability to apply all of the requisite competencies.

Differentiation from others

CHIAs have been independently assessed as achieving competence.

Greater credibility and recognition

As a CHIA you will be recognised by your post-nominals and on the CHIA website. Since the CHIA competencies are consistent with internationally recognised competencies in health informatics, achievement of CHIA certification is of global relevance.

Exclusive peer network

Be part of the CHIA Alumni, giving you access to a community of peers.

Competitive job advantage

CHIA is progressively being recognised and actively sought by employers. Feedback from significant employers in Australia indicates that they value independent assessment. Accordingly, the CHIA certification may be a differentiator in vocational assessment and recruitment processes.

Career path guidance

For people coming into health from other informatics backgrounds (or vice versa) wanting to know how to transition effectively and where to focus.

Personal accomplishment

The personal satisfaction of independent validation of competence.