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CHIA for organisations

If healthcare IT is part of your business, CHIA can help you

Run a CHIA Program for your Employees

Interested in funding your employees through CHIA? We can help you! Contact us today to tailor a program specifically for you.

Employer funded programs can include induction sessions, exam readiness checks, discounted registration rates and an evaluation report. Programs will be tailored for your needs.

Have your event endorsed for CHIA CPD

The CHIA CPD Endorsement program offers external providers recognition and endorsement of CPD events.

Providers may choose to seek endorsement from CHIA for a single activity such as a conference, workshop, seminar, webinar and podcasts. You will gain permission to use our CHIA logo as well as promotion on our website.


with industry credibility, differentiation and professionalism


up-skill your employees


with employees who understand digital health

Make your life easier

With ‘CHIA’ on their CV, you’ll know that the candidate not only understands healthcare, but they have the recognised skills, knowledge and professionalism that you need.

Whether you are trying to recruit a project manager to roll-out a health-IT service; a sales manager to market and sell your health-IT software; or a business analyst to advise on increasing efficiency, the benefits of CHIA are real and tangible.

Not sure if your employee is a CHIA?

View CHIA alumni here.

Benefits to organisations / employers


Improved effectiveness via a workforce that has been assessed as having the competencies required by health informaticians in contemporary healthcare.

Staff professional development

Increased quality and consistency of health informatics education and training available to employees, based on an industry-wide set of competencies endorsed by the major health informatics associations in Australasia.

Credibility, differentiation and commitment

Your organisation’s professionalism can be promoted in your marketing communications, bids for tenders etc.


As to the competencies required by health informaticians in contemporary healthcare and the means of assessing these.


Demonstration of professionalism in health informatics through the CHIA program, means employees’ competencies are independently assessed.


The ability to differentiate between individuals and between your organisation’s health informatics workforce and others’, based on independent assessment.

Making your life easier

CHIA will help your evaluation process for recruitment, performance evaluation and motivate your team to enhance their skills and knowledge.