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We asked Mark Brommeyer FAIDH CHIA, Senior Lecturer at Flinders University and CHIA Examination Committee member, to point to a recent publication/resource that is relevant to a CHIA. He recommends: Digital education for building health workforce capacity.

Digital education for building health workforce capacity is required in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and universal health coverage, as detailed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The WHO explains how integrating digital tools for health workforce development into broader health systems involves addressing external, system-level, institutional and individual factors. The following framework for the use of e-learning to build health workforce capacity in improving health system outcomes, describes four levels of factors required to embed information and communication technologies (ICT) as foundations for transforming the health education system. As health informaticians, this helps us to build health workforce capacity and support healthier lives, digitally enabled.

Are you a CHIA? By reading the resource linked below, you can earn 0.25 CPD points towards your recertification (up to 5 points per cycle)!

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Mark Brommeyer FAIDH CHIA

Mark Brommeyer FAIDH CHIA

Senior Lecturer, Flinders University