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We asked the CHIA Examination Committee to recommend to a recent publication/resource that is relevant to a CHIA. They recommended: Alarm burden and the nursing care environment: a 213-hospital cross-sectional study.

This is a large study, comprising nearly 4000 registered nurses in 213 acute care US hospitals in New York and Illinois, that evaluated the association between nurse-reported alarm burden, appraisals of patient safety, and quality of care and hospital characteristics. Not surprisingly, most nurses reported feeling overwhelmed by medical device alarms, and this burden was more pronounced in hospitals with unfavourable working conditions and suboptimal quality and safety. The study found differences between nurses working on medical-surgical units and those in critical care units.

The authors identify that previous research in this area focused primarily on critical care settings, where all patients are continuously monitored, however continuous monitoring is increasingly being adopted in non-critical care units where nurses typically care for more patients at a time and often cannot step away from another patient or task to assess why a device is alarming. Another interesting fact is also highlighted – despite the term of ‘alarm fatigue’ being commonly used, the concept remains nebulous.

To learn more about this study and the findings read the full published article via the link below.

Reading this report relates to Domain B.4: Design and Development. Health informaticians apply information science theories in the design and development of information systems.

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