The CHIA Recertification Guide has been updated and expanded to include activities that fall within the normal parameters of an individual’s position description or business responsibilities. These activities are now eligible for CPD point accrual in Categories 3 and 4, provided personal knowledge advancement aligned to the Australian Health Informatics Competency Framework (AHICF) can be demonstrated.

Activities that require topic researching and/or literature analysis that would qualify include:

  • preparation of procedure, policy, or administrative manuals
  • preparation for accreditation and licensure surveys
  • development of published materials and/or presentations as a direct part of an individual’s employment
  • instructing or teaching a class
  • instructing or teaching an internal workshop for colleagues
  • summarising articles or video
  • development of employee and staff training materials

CHIA Alumni are strongly encouraged to include activities from all six domains, as this provides a broader knowledge base in line with the AHICF. To reinforce the breadth of domain activities, all categories apart from 1 (Attendance at education events) are capped.

Don’t forget to plan your CHIA Recertification early.