1. What made you choose the CHIA certification program for your staff members?

The SA Health Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Directions 2019 – 2022 recognises the importance and value of nurses and midwives to utilise and interpret data and information to innovate, create and support decision making at all levels. For nurses and midwives, CHIA certification demonstrates the instrumental role of our professions in transforming healthcare by optimising the use of information and technology to enable quality patient care for all South Australians.

In recognition of CHIA as a unique credentialing program which provides a general and broad certification of knowledge in health informatics, the Nursing and Midwifery Office was the first in SA Health to commit and provide nurses and midwives professional development opportunities to build leadership capability.

2. What parts of the business did the candidates come from and what were their professional backgrounds?

The SA Health Nursing and Midwifery Office sourced suitable and potential candidates across the Nursing & Midwifery professions with an interest in digital health, including nurses and midwives working in nursing/midwifery informatics and nurse/midwife manager roles across SA Health. Recommendations for participants was sought from SA Health Executive Directors of Nursing and Midwifery across all SA Health Local Health Networks.

3. What feedback have you received from staff who are successful CHIAs today?

Many of the successful nursing and midwifery CHIAs from the previous years have indicated that the CHIA program provided awareness of the broad scope of knowledge and competencies involved in e-health and health informatics.

Participants reported that they have grown professionally and have been able to translate the knowledge and skills gained through the CHIA program into their practice thereby achieving the goals of SA Health in supporting nurses and midwives to undertake and participate in the CHIA program.

4. What benefits have you experienced by having your staff certified in health informatics?

With a reliance on digital systems and the continually growing volume of health information, the investment in CHIA has been invaluable to the nurses and midwives within SA Health. It will ensure that nurses and midwives remain current, respected and influential in leading and optimising digital change across the South Australian healthcare system. It enables nursing and midwifery leaders to develop and utilise health informatics skills to drive innovation. They are involved in management and clinical decision making thereby influencing and shaping healthcare delivery in South Australia and beyond.

5. Do you have any advice for other organisations or individuals considering health informatics certification?

For organisations or individuals who aim to build digital capacity and capability, the investment in CHIA is valuable. From a SA Health perspective, the approach of the Nursing and Midwifery Office to support CHIA participants includes a community of practice, education and onboarding sessions and a study group program. These simple initiatives have been critical to the success of the CHIA program.

Is CHIA right for me?