As a clinical pharmacist Hailie Uren said she knew the future was digital when she “acknowledged the limitations to safe practise when using traditional ‘paper and pen’ prescribing and documentation.

Hailie Uren is a Senior Project Officer for the Future Hospital Program at Logan and Beaudesert Hospital. Her role is to implement, facilitate and manage multiple projects to support the strategic agenda of the Future Hospital Program.

“It is imperative that I not only understand health informatics and digital health, but can recognise how to utilise such systems for quality improvement initiatives that we’ll implement throughout the organisation,” said Hailie.

As a clinician, Hailie believes “it is important for clinicians to work with these systems to pass along the benefits to our patients.”

She said since becoming a CHIA she has a sounder understanding of the language associated with health informatics, and the systematic approach to implementing and utilising new projects.

Health informatics in 5 – 10 years’ time?  “It will be common knowledge learnt in university degrees!” said Hailie.

Hailie graduated as a CHIA as part of the 2017 Queensland Health CHIA Group of candidates. If you are interested in becoming a CHIA click here.