In August 2022 the CHIA Examination Committee and a few CHIA Alumni came together to give both their brains and the program content a workout.

The Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) program is supported by an Examination Committee and prior to 2020 it was an annual tradition to get together in person and work on improving the CHIA examination content and discuss program improvements, at what has been dubbed “CHIA Bootcamp”. 

The 2022 CHIA Bootcamp was the first time since October 2019 the group have been able to get together in real life.  It was fabulous to connect with these amazing individuals who are experts in their fields, to work on an exciting improvement initiative to the CHIA program (more information coming soon), pictured above names from left to right:

Back row: Carlo Mataverde, Andrew Westcombe, Mark Brommeyer, Jen Bichel-Findlay, David O’Driscoll, Peter Williams, Paul Cooper, Murray Pitman

Front row: Tanija Tarabay, Nigel Chartres (virtual), Desiree McNeile McCormick, Louise Schaper, Kerry Matthews

Now some of you may not be aware that there is an Examination Committee and their role is to assist the team at the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) to maintain the currency of the CHIA program content, which includes the publications, examination questions, as well as approve extension requests, and advise on program improvements.

As health informatics and digital health is ever evolving, with changes, new technology, and publications regularly being updated, we work very hard with the volunteers on the Examination Committee to ensure the relevancy of the CHIA content is maintained, while not losing track of seminal publications that are still relevant to today’s digital health ecosystem.