We have an exclusive group on Linkedin just for you, our CHIA Alumni.

Being a part of an online community can be rewarding, offering opportunities to make professional connections, stay updated on advancements relevant to CHIA, plus access to exclusive opportunities.

Reasons to join the CHIA Alumni group, you can hear firsthand about:

  • free events and opportunities to count towards your recertification, helping CHIAs stay updated with the latest developments in digital health that relate to the Australian Health Informatics Competency Framework (AHICF).
  • job listings that prioritise CHIA certification, or post about a job within your workplace where another CHIA would be of benefit.
  • what other CHIAs are achieving, or share your success stories, or share projects and surveys where the expertise of CHIAs would be advantageous.

Click the link below to request to join the group – remember you must have passed the CHIA examination to join this group.