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About CHIA

A properly skilled health informatics workforce is the foundation of safe, effective healthcare.

CHIA is managed by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health and was developed to address the lack of formal recognition of health informatics knowledge and skills in Australia.

CHIA was developed in line with global initiatives and competency standards by Digital Health Canada (previously COACH), Canada’s health informatics association, the American Medical Informatics Association and the International Medical Informatics Association. CHIA builds on previous work done on health informatics competencies by the (now defunct) Australian Health Informatics Education Council.

The CHIA competency framework was developed by academic leaders in the health informatics field, following extensive research and comparative modelling of health and biomedical informatics competencies from across the globe.

The CHIA competency framework was designed with a focus on the Australian Healthcare system and is the backbone to Australia’s industry certification for health informaticians. CHIA certification plays a key role in raising the profile of health informaticians, contributing to a wider recognition of the health informatics profession, and defining more clearly the body of knowledge underpinning this discipline. With healthcare and computer science professionals topping the skills shortages list in Australia, CHIA certification is an exclusive and unique industry professional certification that will help you to stand out from the crowd and be part of a growing network of certified health informaticians in Australia.

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About the Australasian Institute of Digital Health

The Australasian Institute of Digital Health is the peak body for digital health representing a united and influential single voice for health informatics and digital health leaders and practitioners.

The vision of the Institute is “healthier lives, digitally enabled”.  When you join as a Member or Fellow you are joining the movement to make individuals healthier and make a real difference to healthcare in the digital world.