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About the examination

Becoming a CHIA involves sitting and passing the CHIA exam

The content of the examination is based on Australia’s 52 health informatics competencies. It is important that you familiarise yourself with this document in your examination preparation.

The CHIA competency framework was developed by academic leaders in the health informatics field, following extensive research and comparative modelling of health and biomedical informatics competencies from across the globe. Designed with a focus on the Australian Healthcare system, the Framework is the backbone to Australia’s industry certification for health informaticians.

CHIA certification, based on these competencies, plays a key role in raising the profile of health informaticians, contributing to a wider recognition of the health informatics profession, and defining more clearly the body of knowledge underpinning this discipline.

About the CHIA certification

  • Covering 6 competency domains and 52 competencies
  • Each of the 52 competencies have an assigned complexity level
  • 104 multiple choice questions at various complexity levels
  • 2 questions for each competency
  • Register online at a time that suits you
  • Study at your own pace, within the 90 day study period
  • Candidates are permitted two examination sittings during the 90 day period
  • Examination is completed online, from your personal computer at the time that suits you
  • Candidates have 2.5 hours (150 minutes) to complete the examination
  • Examination questions are selected at random (i.e. students re-sitting the examination will not be given the same questions as the first time they sat the examination)
  • The pass mark required is 65%
  • Managed by an Examination Committee comprising senior Australasian health informaticians

Competency Framework

There are 6 domains of expertise that health informaticians know. The CHIA examination covers all 6 areas, as shown on the table. For detailed information of the competencies framework, click here.

Domain of Expertise Description Competencies
Information and Communication Technology Information technology in general, not limited to healthcare, though the principles certainly apply to healthcare 5
Health and Biomedical Sciences Healthcare systems and practice and basic biomedical science concepts 10
Information Sciences Information systems in general, not limited to healthcare, though the principles certainly apply to healthcare 8
Management Sciences Governance and management of systems development, change management, business practices and organisational strategy at all levels 5
Core Principles and Methods Health informatics theoretical foundations, practice and applications 20
Human and Social Context Human and social context related to healthcare and the systems of healthcare including issues of clinical practice, consumers and legal requirements 4
Total 52