A properly skilled health informatics workforce is the foundation of safe, effective healthcare. AIDH, Australasia’s peak body for digital health, aims to help build the world’s best credentialled digital health workforce. For a growing number of healthcare services and professionals, CHIA is the certification of choice.

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Whether you are an organisation or an individual, you can now ensure independent validation of your team’s or your personal digital health and health informatics knowledge, helping you stand out from the crowd.

What is a certified health informatician?

CHIA demonstrates that you have the knowledge and core competencies required to perform safely and effectively as a health informatics and digital health professional in a broad range of practice settings.


Benchmark your knowledge

and competencies in today’s rapidly evolving digital health workplace

Add value

to your personal career development and your health workplace.

Lead by example

and become a change agent in the transformation of healthcare.

Not sure CHIA is for you?

Take the CHIA Challenge – a practice examination created for you to familiarise yourself with the format of the CHIA Examination.

Certified CHIAs




Be acknowledged for your health informatics achievements

Group certification

Fund certification for your staff and lift the digital health profile of your company’s workforce.

Become a CHIA

Illustrate your commitment to your professional development by getting certified in digital health. Explore and discover how to earn your CHIA credential.

Competency areas

ICT, health and biomedical sciences, information sciences, management sciences, core principles and methods, human and social context – the CHIA examination covers it all!

CHIA can certify your employees and lift the digital health profile of your workforce

Maintaining your CHIA certification

Maintaining currency of your health informatics knowledge and experience is as important as gaining it in the first place.​ CHIA credentialling is renewed every three years.


The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health has been supporting people in the health sector to undertake CHIA and reflecting on the health system in South Australia, we can clearly see conversations changing. Investment in data governance, business intelligence solutions and use of data to support decisions is becoming more and more evident.


Tina Hardin
Executive Director of Clinical Informatics at CEIH

Metro North Health is supporting staff to become CHIA certified, enabling us to keep pace with digital change, and therefore benefitting the healthcare system, clinicians, and most importantly, our patients.

Kristy Jackman CHIA
Director, Queensland Digital Academy – Digital Metro North

The CHIA certification shows that I have the expertise needed to ensure that clinical information sharing, use of technologies in healthcare and digital health initiatives achieve the important aims we have. It’s an endorsement of my contribution to digital health.


Kate Renzenbrink CHIA
Chief Nursing and Midwifery Information Officer, Bendigo Health

CHIA has provided on-going professional backing to my work credentials, and at the same time connected me to a peer network of fellow professionals who I greatly respect.

Dr Paul Cooper FAIDH CHIA
Director, Longboardfella Consulting

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CHIA is delivered to you by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), a peak body for digital health representing a united and influential single voice for health informatics and digital health leaders and practitioners.

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