CHIA: The independent validation of your
digital health skills

Be acknowledged for your health informatics achievements

CHIA is a unique credentialing program for health informatics. The CHIA credential demonstrates that candidates meet the Health Informatics core competencies to perform effectively as a health informatics professional in a broad range of practice settings.

The certification has been designed to address the lack of formal recognition for health informatics skills in the Australian health workforce.

This program has been developed by HISA, ACHI and HIMAA and includes leaders in health informatics across the health & IT sector and academia.


and competencies in today’s rapidly evolving digital health workplace


at a time that suit you! Review the study guide and take the online exam


to your personal career development and your health workplace


Be a change agent in the transformation of healthcare

“Being a CHIA has given me the confidence to know that through my experience and training I can bring about positive change. The thoughtful use of data and underpinning technologies can improve health outcomes for Australians – including those I know and love.”

Successful CHIAs

“Being a CHIA has given me the confidence and pride to follow my passion to embrace and progress the informatics and digital health agenda in my professional career, knowing that I have a solid foundational knowledge in this space; and a network of likeminded CHIA professionals in the informatics industry for support and to constantly learn from.””


Take the CHIA Challenge: New practice exam product

Are you currently undertaking the CHIA Program? Wanting to benchmark yourself against the CHIA exam? We have taken on board your feedback and the CHIA Exam Committee is pleased to launch the CHIA Practice Exam. Known as CHIA Challenge, the practice exam...

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CHIA: Contributing to career progressions and job opportunities

When finishing his Physiotherapy Degree, Dr Mark Merolli said he never thought he would have a complete career transformation and immersion into health informatics and digital health: consumer health technology, clinical informatics, research informatics, data analytics, education.

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