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CHIA is a unique credentialing program for health informatics. The CHIA credential demonstrates that candidates meet the Health Informatics core competencies to perform effectively as a health informatics professional in a broad range of practice settings.

The CHIA qualification has been designed to address the lack of formal recognition for health informatics skills in the Australian health workforce.

This program has been developed by HISA, ACHI and HIMAA and includes leaders in health informatics across the health & IT sector and academia.

Benchmark your skills and competencies in today’s
rapidly evolving digital health workplace

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A skilled health informatics workforce is vital

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“Not having a clinical background myself, I had always been hesitant to describe myself as a health informatician. CHIA has shown me that there is a broader, more encompassing definition of the role, and that everybody involved in the field has a contribution to make. I’ve spent the last 6 years working in health IT and the program has helped me consolidate and contextualise that experience which I think will be beneficial to my ongoing work”

David O’Driscoll

“For me, becoming a CHIA reinforces my commitment to the field of health informatics. While I am, first and foremost, a pharmacist, I believe that the CHIA program has helped me to acquire knowledge in an important field of healthcare that I can then bring back to advance the pharmacy profession, and ultimately improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.”

Dr Kenneth Lee

Have you developed educational events suited to the health informatics profession? Apply today and have your event endorsed and recognised by #CHIA healthinformaticscertificatio…

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CHIA External Event CPD Endorsement

Have you developed educational events suited to the health informatics profession? Organisations are invited to apply to have their events endorsed to allow CHIAs to account for their participation in such events. Providers may choose to seek endorsement for a single...

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CHIA helping with quality improvement

As a clinical pharmacist Hailie Uren said she knew the future was digital when she “acknowledged the limitations to safe practise when using traditional ‘paper and pen’ prescribing and documentation." Hailie Uren is a Senior Project Officer for the Future Hospital...

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2018: Your year to become a CHIA

It’s a new year, digital health technologies are increasingly being implemented and the importance of the profession of health informatics is becoming widely recognised. Do you want to indicate to employers and funders that you have core, up-to-date...

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